Why Have a Dental Implant
Dental Implants

Why Have a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are being used to replace teeth that have been lost. They were first used in the mid-1960s and have since grown in popularity as a replacement for detachable dentures. 

Implants are often made of titanium, a metal that is known to be safe and capable of bonding with nearby bone during recovery. There are several benefits of having a dental implant and below we have listed why you should have one.

1 Dental implants are affordable.

When you consider the lifetime costs of dental implants to the costs of other treatments that may need to be changed frequently basis, you’ll find that they’re pretty cheap.

2 Dental implants have a long lifespan.

They can last a lifetime, however, a dental bridge may only last 12 years or so.  It’s biocompatible, which means it’s not harmful and doesn’t cause the body to discard it.

3. Improve Your Overall Life Quality

Dental implants make your grin and mouth function more genuine, giving you greater self-confidence when smiling, speaking, and eating.

If you replace your dentures and partials with implant-supported teeth, your quality of life will increase dramatically because you will be able to eat a wider variety of foods and speak and smile more effortlessly!

Why Have a Dental Implant

4. Get Rid of Health Problems Associated with Failing Teeth

Enhancing your oral health has a positive impact on your entire health. Periodontal disease is a bacterially generated chronic infection and inflammatory disease. Dental implants assist in the development of a healthy mouth and the prevention of periodontal disease.

5. They provide you the freedom to enjoy your favorite meals.

You know the pain of missing teeth while eating your favorite meal. Implants fill the gap, allowing you to eat normally once more. You can continue to eat your favorite chewy or crunchy foods. 

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