Tips & Tricks for TMJ Pain Relief

Do you have jaw pain on a regular basis? Have you experienced a reduction in jaw movement or a clicking sound when chewing? If you are looking for a TMJ dentists near me on your mobile then first understand these tips and tricks for TMJ pain relief.

Relaxed jaw exercise

Joint mobility can be improved with jaw exercises. To reduce discomfort, there are three types of jaw exercises that can be combined:

  • Exercising your muscles
  • Exercising for strength
  • Relaxation techniques

Goldfish exercises (partial opening)

Place 1 finger in front of your ear, where your TMJ is, and the roof of your mouth with your tongue. Lower your jaw halfway, then lock it closed. Some resistance should be present, but it should not be uncomfortable. One approach to do this is to place 1 finger on each TMJ while dropping your lower jaw halfway and closing it again. To complete 1 set, repeat this exercise 6 times. 1 set should be completed 6times each day.

Goldfish exercises (full opening)

Place one finger on your TMJ and the other on your chin while keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Restore the normal position of your lower jaw. For a variation of this exercise, place one finger on each TMJ while completely lowering your lower jaw and back. To complete 1 set, repeat this exercise 6 times. 1 set should be completed 6times each day.

Have a restful night’s sleep.

Sleep is essential for a variety of health benefits. Sleep on your back and use cushions to support your neck to help with TMJ pain. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, and if you must sleep on your side, avoid putting your hand on your jaw.

Take a look at yourself!

Slowly open your mouth while looking in the mirror at your smile, trying to maintain your bottom and top teeth aligned. To do so, compare the line between your front and back teeth to the line between your bottom and back teeth. This exercise should be repeated five times until you feel comfortable with it. Gradually increase the number of repetitions to ten.